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Why the Live Blackjack vs. Online Poker War is the Real Star of the Gambling Boom

You don’t have to be any kind of casino connoisseur to have noticed the somewhat incredible rise of the gambling industry in recent years. Indeed, you can rarely flick on the TV or browse through a newspaper these days without seeing the latest casino deals advertised in all their brightly-coloured glory.


With a global recession still fresh in many people’s minds, countries across the planet have looked to revamp their flailing economy by relaxing their own gambling laws, whilst a rise in affordable technology has led to a fresh boom period for the online casino trade.


Reasons behind the rise

Yet that can’t surely be the only reason why the industry has flourished in recent years. Is it not fair to say that the games themselves must have something to do with it? After all, low cost, high tech gadgets present their users with a whole world of opportunities, particularly when it comes to boosting their income.

So why are so many of them choosing the opportunity to pitch up at a virtual casino table and try their luck at gambling?

There’s many factors at play here, of course, but it’s hard to dispute that if there’s one thing that has really captured the public’s imagination, it’s the ongoing battle of online blackjack


Kings of the Casino

Forget the slot machines, forget the roulette wheel, card games have been ruling the proverbial roost for some time now, and if the experts are to be believed, will remain the undisputed Kings of the Casino, if not indefinitely, then at least for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps benefiting more from lenient gambling legislation than any other types of game, Poker and Blackjack have both been doing big numbers in recent years, not only in the casinos themselves, but also on television, and even in sponsorship deals.


At the heart of all this lies a virtuous circle of sorts:

Newcomers are attracted by the air of style of sophistication, grand prizes and increasing celebrity status of top players that they see either in those aforementioned TV commercials, or in the latest Hollywood movie. They get involved, the games make more money, Poker and Blackjack become the height of casino cool, top players grow even more famous, and the whole thing repeats itself practically ad infinitum.


The real winners

It’s arguably the newcomers themselves who actually benefit the most from all of this. Capitalizing on this wave of momentum, the leading online casinos are constantly going head to head to draw in new players. One espouses the benefits of taking on the dealer in a game of Blackjack and offers a tempting sign up offer to sweeten the deal, whilst their nearest rivals offer an even greater welcome bonus whilst painting a picture of fame and fortune that is hard to resist.

All the while, those at the top of the food chain enjoy a constant stream of fresh blood to compete against, meaning that, whilst live Blackjack and online poker may be the stars of the gambling boom, it’s players at all levels who really benefit the most.
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