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Tech powers Asia’s gambling addiction

Macau is far and away now the place to be when it comes to gambling, dethroning the previous kings Vegas and Atlantic City. That’s an impressive feat considering that Macau’s growth is primarily from tourist over the world and not the locals. This isn’t some start up that is nipping at the heels of the bigger boys, Macau is part of a multi-billion dollar gaming industry that is taking the world by storm.
"Technology has changed the casinos operate not just in terms of day to day operations but most importantly the our brand reaches people social media allows us to expand our brand reach like never before", an M88 spokesperson added.

Macau has become a breeding ground for innovation, with its full scale recreations of Venice and familiar and distracting lights. But the growth is just as internal as it is external, with the Asian market beating the pants off of any business that tries to dip its feet into live online casino offerings. Online casinos offer as much promise to win to the player as the brick and mortar locations, and becomes a very inviting upgrade to tourists that want to experience the real thing.

The reason they are so far ahead on this front is their immersion technology that offers an actual live casino from a smartphone, pc, tablet and even laptop. This one use studio is built to give players a complete casino experience within the comfort of their own home. And the selling point for many are the very attractive croupiers that handle the game. It is an incredible experience, and an intoxicating one for customers that have never really sunk their teeth into gambling before.

Sophisticated equipment behind the scenes keeps everything error free, but don’t think for a second that the croupiers are anything but perfectly trained. That combo keeps all games smooth, error free and without any customers raging about cheating. This cutting edge technology is ahead of even Vegas, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Las Vegas start to lift ideas from the much popular Macau. The only problem with that is how far ahead Macau really is when it comes to the technology advantage. Besides giving customers what they want, they are catching cheaters before they disrupt everyone else’s game. It is the perfect storm of technology and security that would take years for even the best company to match.

If things continue as they are then you can expect Macau to continue spreading its empire into something special.
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