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Online vs. Real Life Blackjack - What's the Difference?

Casino games have evolved as land-based games over time - especially since there was no such thing as the internet when they appeared. Their first foray into the vast world of online gaming happened a bit over two decades ago, when Microgaming - one of the best known casino software developers of the industry - launched the first fully functional real money online casino of history. From then on casino games have become accessible for the general public all over the world, not just in dedicated facilities restricted to certain states of the US and certain territories of other countries.


Online casino gaming has brought with it a complete different experience than the land based one. Let's take a look at what's different, and what is the same.


1. Environment

First of all, the one major difference between real life and online blackjack is the environment. We all know how people play blackjack in real life: they usually dress up, go to a casino, sit down at a table with several places and a dealer, and engage in an entertaining game of blackjack while sipping cold drinks and having a great time. It has nothing in common with online blackjack, except for the game and the entertainment part.


An online player can engage in an entertaining game of blackjack in pretty much any environment he or she pleases. There's no need to dress up. There's no need to leave home. Online blackjack can be played at the Royal Vegas online casino sitting at the kitchen table, on the sofa, or in the study, wearing boxers and a worn-down t-shirts. Even socks with holes in them fits the dress code. And you can even experience quality entertainment on the go with Royal Vegas mobile casino, which allows you to play literally wherever you are - depending only on your data connection.


2. Strategy

Well, this is where the most important differences between online and land-based blackjack start to show.


First of all, playing online blackjack offers the chance for player to better keep track of their hands, wins and losses - as well as the dealer's (a random number generator's) hands as well. This allows a much better control over your bankroll compared to land-based casinos.


Another advantage online casinos have over real life ones that there are no cameras and eagle-eyed security officers around trying to find out if you are counting cards. While in real life casinos card counting is not something that's taken lightly, when playing online it is not a problem. Note that card counting is not illegal, it's just not accepted by casinos themselves. When playing online you can always have a strategy guide or a betting table (you can find loads of them if you only google it) open in a browser window. In real life casinos you would look a bit too weird to consult a printed table before taking a decision.


3. And still...

Despite its clear advantages, many players - especially those with some real life casino experience - prefer playing blackjack in real life. It might be the personal interaction with the dealer and the other players at the table that they miss - something online casinos fail to provide. Thus online casinos have introduced the next best thing - live dealer blackjack.


Online casinos like the Royal Vegas offer their players the possibility to play against real dealers - not impersonal random number generators - making use of video streaming. While it's far from being the real thing, it's as close to it as it can be. Dealers place cards on the table by hand, they smile and speak - while players place bets, hit and stand from the comfort of their home.


Is online blackjack better? Is real life blackjack the best? It's not up to me to decide. Each one has its advantages. I think in the end it all comes down to personal preferences. But one thing is for sure: no matter if you play blackjack at a fancy casino on the Las Vegas Strip, or playing on your patio at home, it is still the best game one can play.