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New Jersey Gambling Online: What's in it for you?

In New Jersey, you can bet online when you can't get to the casino. Atlantic City may not be far from anyone in the state, but being able to gamble 24/7 from wherever you want is a big attraction.

What's in it for you?

New Jersey legislation gives Atlantic City a monopoly on gambling in the state. The proliferation of on ground casinos pose such a direct threat to Atlantic City's economy and indirect threat to the state's tax revenue, online gambling provides a great opportunity. But, what's in it for the gambler?

State approved. Only adults (aged 21+) can place bets. All bets must occur from computers within the State of New Jersey. And, you must use state-licensed casino websites. All such websites must link with Atlantic City casinos.

24/7 convenience: You can gamble from home or work, from the coffee shop or sports bar, from the doctor's office or commuter train, without traveling to Atlantic City. It's even easier than playing the lottery at the local convenience store. As long as you have an internet connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone physically in the State of New Jersey, you can bet at any time of the day or night.

Full-line gaming: According to, you can play most of the same games you find at the brick and mortar casinos. Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Video Poker, they're all there as well as variations on traditional games. And, without the pressure of the neon, glitz, and competition, you'll find gambling less stressful.

Save money: Convenience also saves you out-of-pocket expenses. You won't have to pay for gas, lodging, parking, food, and more. Playing from home, there's no risk to your pocketbook or person. You don't have to turn in your chips or even trudge across town to another casino.

No Deposit bonus:

As points out, "Most online casinos offer a free play version, and you can log on with no financial obligation whatsoever." But, New Jersey law prefers the term "No Deposit" to "free." A No Deposit bonus is a small allowance that lets you try out the game or learn the rules. The offer attracts players to gamble and creates a pattern of loyalty.

Even more: Additional and more attractive bonuses will also attract players, first time or otherwise. Without the overhead of building operations and labor burden, physical casinos can promote play and membership with variable bonuses that match the big payoffs, fixed bonuses for smaller risks, and VIP packages that reward long term members.

New Jersey Online Casinos come with some restrictions. Only casino hotel facilities can secure a gaming permit and internet gaming license. They work under the supervision and at the pleasure of the state's Casino Control Commission. New Jersey legislation identifies all the administrative, accounting, and personnel procedures required in the interest of the integrity of the games as well as the interests of the gambler and the state.

Gamblers are referred to as clients or patrons and must comply with key processes. They must create an account with a PIN, password, and security questions. The patron must be of age and not "self-excluded" for their gambling addiction, and not excluded as a career or professional offender. And, they must acknowledge they cannot transfer or share use with any other person.

Online gambling is no sure thing, or it wouldn't be a gamble. But, it does provide added convenience, attractive bonuses, and secure transactions. All this promises more than that trip to the grounded casino.
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