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If you have already played blackjack, you probably know that you can win money by correctly match the long term. You have determined also heard that at blackjack by counting cards a safe profit can be achieved. But it still makes sense to learn the technique of card counting today?

First of all, you should know that card counting is now almost extinct. In many casinos, it is already impossible because the casinos offer blackjack with multiple decks of cards. The most important requirement at card counting that the game has only one deck of cards. Once there are several decks, it is virtually impossible to count cards successfully. Many casinos also have other protection mechanisms that make it possible to expose card counter and also the staff is trained to.

You should know that card counting will never welcome and it is not rare, life-long home bans issued. Therefore, it does not make sense to learn this technique. The other downside is that it simply takes a long time until you have mastered this technique. There is a lot to learn and you will need several months to have understood everything.

But if you are only interested in the principle of card counting, then you can learn this technique, of course, already. Thus you get a better understanding about the mathematics that can be found even in games of chance and if you have understood everything, you can also develop your own systems to other casino games like blackjack. But you should never learn the technique of card counting only for the reason of financial gain, as this promises no success with great certainty.

So, see that card counting rather than "worth knowing experience" and not to make money. If you want to play blackjack really profitable, you should simply remember certain rules and use them consistently over a long period of time. Only then will you be a winner in the long run.

Of course it can happen that you still find one or the other casino, with card counting is still possible, but this is increasingly rare. Especially in the U.S., there is still room now and casinos where you could try to count the cards, but you should also remember that the staff is trained to it and can remember it quickly, if you count the cards.

Allow it to be the best and do not try it in a real casino. One can thus capture a lot of anger that one afterwards repents. You may perhaps at a private game with friends apply card counting and impress your friends with the knowledge. But do not forget that it's a long way until you have mastered this technique and think they are good if you want to invest the time in it, or at least learn better techniques that can be played profitably today.

Conclusion: card counting in blackjack is now almost extinct and it is also not easy to acquire this technology. There have since developed other techniques with which you can also play profitable and which are not prohibited in casinos.